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  •  7219  Air Fryer oven
 7219  Air Fryer oven

7219 Air Fryer oven


◆  air fryer oven
◆ Large screen with IMD touch panel
◆ Cook easily with 12 preset modes
◆ 80-200℃ intelligent temperature adjustment
◆ Up & down door open design,it can be viewed the food from perspective window
◆ Capacity: 12L
◆ 100-120V,220-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1600W
◆ 60 minutes time control
◆ Rotisserie function,bake the food evenly,with inner light.
◆ Wire rack to bake bread,corn,cake,fish,meat,beaf
◆ Bake tray at the bottom of inner to catch dripping oil
◆ It beeps when baking is completed.
◆ Elegant European style design
◆ Automatic system: open the door during cooking to stop working, close the door to restore memory to continue working

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