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  •  7319M  Air Fryer 2L
 7319M  Air Fryer 2L

7319M Air Fryer 2L


◆Electronic MD Touch Panel
◆ Elegant design
◆ Non-detachable handle, easy to carry, patent for appearance
◆ Removable food grill
◆ 6pre-set cooking programs for french fries, fish, drumstick and steak
◆ 60min timer with bell 
◆ Anti-skidding feet
◆ Stainless steel heating elements
◆Non-stick oil grill, easy to clean; food class tank, safety insurance
◆ High speed air circulation technology, oil free cooking, 80% fat reducing
◆ Voltage/power: 100-120V~ 50/60Hz 800W ; 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 800W
◆ 80-200℃ intelligent temperature adjustment
◆ Capacity: 2L

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